Respiratory Care in the School Setting

Respiratory Care in the School Setting

Expiration Date: 5/31/18

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Course Description: This class is designed to help the school nurse and other healthcare professionals become more comfortable providing respiratory care to children and other patients. It will explore oxygen administration and safety, tracheostomy care and emergencies, metered dose inhalers and anaphylaxis and epinephrine pen use and storage.

Instructor: Jerry Alewine EdD, RRT

Target Audience: Nurses and other interested healthcare workers


1. Identify various oxygen devices and determine the use of each device according to the patient’s needs, as well as recognize the potential hazards of each oxygen device.

2. Describe the safe and appropriate use of oxygen including: safety tactics associated with oxygen tank storage, appropriate ways to “crack” an oxygen tank, correct way to attach a regulator to an oxygen tank, estimate the fractional inspired oxygen of each device, and identify the correct liter flow of oxygen for each device.

3. Identify the hygiene required as associated with the tracheostomy.

4. Recognize the hazards associated with the use of the tracheostomy, emergencies associated with tracheostomy usage and describe the procedure for emergency tracheostomy changes.

5. Describe the various medications that are administered via the meter dose inhaler, evaluate the effect of the meted dose inhaler and define the potential hazards associated with the usage of the metered dose inhaler.

6. Define the condition anaphylaxis, identify common causes of anaphylaxis, recognize the immediacy of symptomatic anaphylaxis, and list common patterns of progression of anaphylaxis.

7. Generalize the emergency treatment of anaphylaxis.

8. Identify indications for the use of the epinephrine pen, adverse reactions associated with the epinephrine pen, proper usage of the epinephrine pen.

Length of Course: 60 minutes

Credit Statements:

Licensed Nurses:  Upstate AHEC is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Upon successful completion of this program, participants will receive 1.0 contact hours.

Respiratory Care Practitioners: 1.0 clock hour will be awarded by Upstate AHEC, an approved provider of continuing education for respiratory care practitioners by the SC Board of Medical Examiners.

Other: This educational offering provides 0.10 CEUs (1.0 clock hour) by Upstate AHEC and meets SC AHEC Best Practice Standards.

Disclosure Statement:
Upstate AHEC's conflict of interest policy requires faculty to disclose any real or apparent commercial financial affiliations related to the content of their presentations/materials.

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