Perinatal Emergencies: Immediate or Imminent Do You Know How to Respond?

Perinatal Emergencies: Immediate or Imminent Do You Know How to Respond?

Course Expiration Date: 3/31/20

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Course Description:  This course is designed to help obstetric nursing know how to respond to common obstetrical emergencies such as placental abruption, eclamptic seizures, umbilical cord proloapses, amniotic fluid emboli, DVT, shoulder dystocia, postpartum hemorrhage, uterine rupture, and precipitous delivery in the absence of a physician and some other OB emergencies.. 

Instructor:  Debby Mills, MS, CNS, RNC-OB

Target Audience: Licensed Nurses and other interested healthcare workers

Learning Outcomes: After completing this activity, the participant will be able to:

  • discuss the clinical and laboratory presentation for placental abruption.
  • describe appropriate management to prevent seizure recurrent and prepare for delivery.
  • identify the 3 different types of umbilical cord prolapse and associated risk factors.
  • discuss appropriate intrauterine resuscitation to prevent fetal compromise an current outcomes.
  • describe the pathophysiology for DIC related to clinical presentation and laboratory testing.
  • discuss strategies for management of massive hemorrhage and DIC.
  • describe the significant pathophysiology for the clinical presentation of amniotic fluid embolism.
  • discuss the differential diagnosis and management.
  • describe the differences in presentation and treatment of DVT in the antepartum and post partum period.
  • identify risk factors for shoulder dystocia and appropriate nursing interventions.
  • discuss common causes of postpartum hemorrhage with treatment goals and interventions.
  • identify common clinical findings, management and sequelae in uterine rupture.
  • discuss the subsequent delivery options for a patient who has undergone cesarean delivery.
  • identify the patient with uterine inversion and implement appropriate management strategies.
  • discuss the steps necessary for delivery of a precipitous birth in the absence of a physician.

 Length of Course: 4 hours

Credit Statements:

Licensed Nurses:  Upstate AHEC is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Upon successful completion of this program, participants will receive 4.0 contact hours.

Other: This educational offering provides 0.4 CEUs (4.0 clock hour) by Upstate AHEC and meets SC AHEC Best Practice Standards.

Disclosure Statement: Upstate AHEC’s conflict of interest policy requires speaker(s), the planning committee members, and all others in a position to control this activity of this program to disclose any real or apparent commercial financial affiliations related to the content of this presentation or materials.

The speaker(s), the planning committee members, and all others in a position to control this activity have signed a vested interest form declaring no conflict of interest in this activity.

Provision of this education activity by Upstate AHEC does not imply endorsement by Upstate AHEC or ANCC of any commercial products displayed in conjunction with this activity.  

Credit Requirements: To receive CE credit for completing this online course you must complete 100% of the material, receive at least 80% passing grade on post-test and complete the evaluation.

Once you pass the post-test and complete the evaluation you will be able to print a certificate for verification of credit.

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